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Wet Biceps for YOU to worship!

After getting his pump at the gym, this hot stuff is eager to show it all off. Wearing a tight shirt, his biceps are bulging out throught those super tight sleeves. He's aware of your weakeness, he's aware you're doing all in order to feel, touch, caress, rub, kiss and lick his super biceps. He starts by slowly showing you the way to do it... making you moan of desire. Taking off his shirt, things are even hotter now, he is kissing licking those pair of big biceps Now he's ready to poor some oil and make those mountains wet and shine. Just a dream for a true biceps lover!

Duration: 20:08 | Format: MP4 | File size: 1.65 GB | Resolution: 1920x1080

Categories: Biceps | Cocky | Hairy | Oil |


Muscle stud flexing in tight shirt

This Stud is back from gym, feeling cocky, confident and pumped up, he decides to show off in his 2 new tight shirts. He puts on a great show, different angles for you to admire his shredded muscles, veins. The muscles looks like exploding in those tight sexy shirt.

Duration: 12:30 | Format: MP4 | File size: 0.98 GB | Resolution: 1920x1080

Categories: Biceps | Cocky |


Cocky Muscle daddy

What do you do when in your room enters the hottest cocky muscle daddy? Of course you fell on your knees eager to please, worship suck and lick his perfect muscles. Let him show you the way and lead YOU!

Duration: 10:20 | Format: MP4 | File size: 836 MB | Resolution: 1920x1080

Categories: Biceps | Cocky | Pecs |


Arm wrestling Champion

Two Alpha Battle for supremacy 8 Epic arm wrestling tests for cash. Winner takes it all. The stake is big, so those strong guys are giving 100%. A true Alpha is never defeated. Watch a true lesson of torture!

Duration: 12:37 | Format: MP4 | File size: 1000 MB | Resolution: 1920x1080

Categories: Wrestling | Strength Show | Cocky | Biceps |


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Revenge of the weak roommate

Hulk bullies his weak roommate putting him to clean, cook meals etc Always beating him and calling him names.. After his daily beat, roommate is left to clean the house, otherwise he will get same treatment. HULK is going to change to go out in town Roommate has a proposal..He asks HULK, if he's a real man to let him take the potion and get huge a fare comparison this time After hours of fighting they decide it's time for them to be friends Both strong, both huge, both HULKS. Roommate comes with a glass of wine to celebrate...

Duration: 20:24 | Format: MP4 | File size: 1.54 GB | Resolution: 1920x1080

Categories: Wrestling | Muscle Worship | Hulk | Giant | Domination | Cocky | Biceps |


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Worship supreme chest

Little guy wants a muscle worship session, so he calls this hot muscle stud. Everything feel and looks amazing: muscle, veins, definition, there is only one thing the little guy havent thought about...Big guy loves to dominate, control, torture his little weak fan hile he gets a proper muscle worship

Duration: 11:25 | Format: MP4 | File size: 915 MB | Resolution: 1920x1080

Categories: Pecs | Muscle Worship | Domination | Cocky | Biceps |


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