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Below are all of my videos in the Fetish category.

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Feeding the belly

Hot stud coming from gym, hungry as a wolf. He finds his meal on the table so he starts to feed the belly. When he's done he robs, massage, caress and play with his belly. Maybe you want to have your hands on that full belly?

Duration: 35:27 | Format: MP4 | File size: 2.80 GB | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Abs | Burps | Fetish | Giant | Legs |


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Dominant Master pissing on weak slave

Once this Dominant Alpha speaks to you, you know what you have to do: get on your knees, worship and obey his commands. How about if he starts to compare his perfect muscles to yours? show off and make you droll. Now comes the part that you love- he's willing to teach you a lesson. Whats next is better and sweeter than everything you've tried before!

Duration: 11:16 | Format: MP4 | File size: 900MB | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Humiliation | Fetish | Domination | Cocky | Bulge | Master | Piss | Verbal Abuse | XXX |


Barbarian Giant eating bears and men

A GIANT Barbarian is having his lunch. The thing is that he's not eating normal food, instead he's eating a whole village, men, soldiers, and some gummy bears. He wants to grow, so he might eat you to!

Duration: 14:04 | Format: MP4 | File size: 1.05 GB | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Cocky | Fetish | Giant | Pecs |


Wet muscles Wet burps Celebration

After so many special burps together, it is time to celebrate our bond. What can be better than a champagne, a hot bathtub and some huge shinny muscles with wet burps.

Duration: 12:56 | Format: MP4 | File size: 1.00 GB | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Fetish | Cocky | Burps | Shower |


Strong belching after drinking

Burp King done it again! He wakes up after a long night of drinking, those smelly burps can make you drunk instantly. He holds your head and burp loud in your face, all you can do is just to beg for the next burp!

Duration: 12:49 | Format: MP4 | File size: 1.00 GB | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Burps | Cocky | Fetish |


giant muscle hungry beast eating tiny man alive

As the title suggest, a GIANT is very hungry, he needs his proteins, but this time he wants something different, he wants something fresh! He sees some tiny men down on his feet, he grabs them, put them in his mouth, the tiny men fight, try to escape, but eventually end up in the GIANT's belly! A delicious dinner is served!

Duration: 15:34 | Format: MP4 | File size: 680MB | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Burps | Cocky | Fetish | Giant |


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